Book Progress
Many people have emailed requesting news about The Book, so this page is to keep those interested informed of developments as we go along. The Book Volume One was a joint effort between myself (Phil Smart), and Jim Christopulos, and is the ultimate biography of Van der Graaf Generator. Volume Two will also be a joint effort between myself and Jim Christopulos, but this time with more input from Peter Hammill.
06/10/08 Discussions took place in Chicago about what form Volume Two will take. Little actual progress so far, but new material and contacts are being accumulated, and new anecdotes and information being actively sought. It will probably be a couple of years before Volume Two hits the shelves...
15/04/07 Decision made to do "Volume Two"...
11/11/05 The Book is finally published and available. Details Here. There is also a poster of the front cover available.
09/09/05 The Book is at the printers! It is titled "Van der Graaf Generator - The Book", and we hope to start selling during the forthcoming UK tour (11th to 13th November).
15/06/05 The actual body of the writing is more or less complete and we are now working on lay-out and other things you need to do to put a book together. Still on target for an Autumn/Fall publication.
01/05/05 We are now entering the final writing stage - all writing is provisionally complete up to the end of 1976. We can still slot in additional anecdotes and pictures so please still send anything in that you might think useable. And remember, this is THE Book! Accept no imitations (even if they do come with a DVD of material you probably already have). We now hope to publish soon after the summer and certainly in time for Christmas!
06/01/05 Things still progressing steadily. The period from late 1967 to early 1975 is provisionally complete so we are about three-quarters done. The VdGG reunion has obviously given us something to think about so maybe this will be Volume One...
10/10/04 The project is progressing well but not quickly. It's a time consuming business and the book is now more likely to be published in mid-2005 rather than late 2004 as originally envisaged. I guess we are probably about half way.
17/07/04 We now have five chapters finished and many previously unseen pictures and posters. We are still on the look out for material so please get in touch if you have anything we could use, including your own anecdotes.
10/06/04 Provisional versions of the first four chapters, covering the period 1967 to mid-1970, are complete. We have had much input from all the band members and the project is progressing well. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far.
12/01/04 Following a period of research, writing starts in earnest. (Record Collector)