Van der Graaf Generator - THE BOOK
(and POSTER)
Jim Christopulos and Phil Smart
Published by "Phil and Jim" - November 11th 2005
ISBN 978 0955 1337 01

A text version of Van der Graaf Generator - The Book
is now available on Kindle UK and Kindle USA.

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"It's been fascinating to find out so much that I didn't know about the band I'm in." - Guy Evans

Book image
Artwork © Koot

"A magnificent, coffee-table tome, lavishly produced and clearly a must-have for every fan; the perfect Christmas gift for the Van der Graaf nut in your life." - Judge Smith

"I was instantly transported back to 'Old Soho' and London via your Dr. Who's 'Tardis' time machine, and was back 'where we once belonged' in the Ship, Charisma Records, The Nellie Dean, The Speakeasy, The Marquee and La Chasse. Fantastic job in taking us back to A PERIOD OF FUN, EXPERIMENT AND FEARLESSNESS, that may never be repeated. You told me lotsa stuff about old friends, faces and places that I'd forgotten or never really knew 'till I read your 'back pages'. Thanx for the inspiration and pressure to personally look back and remember a band who at the time I thought was so obscure, innovative, imaginary and creative and now are legendary."
- Barrie Wentzell (Melody Maker Photographer)

"Very cool - written in a very entertaining way, and some of the artifacts (like the pink gig sheets) are fascinating. There is even some art in there that I'd completely forgotten about, like the poster with the pillars; somewhere in the smoke filled crevices of my mind I remember making that. I think VdGG are finally being recognized for what they were; a very brave and original ensemble of brilliant uncompromising artists whose influence was a million times larger than the number of records they sold. I'm glad that someone felt the need - and spent the time - to put the whole story down on paper." - Paul Whitehead (Cover artist)

"You put a lot of work into this project, much research, many man hours! It shows. Very well done. The cover is great! Thank you for all your effort and for the book." - Deborah Ellis

"I liked the book very much. For the part I was involved with, I thought that you had captured the spirit of the thing very well and told it how it was. It really brought it all back to me. Well done!"
- Graham Smith

"What was fun for me to read was Hugh explaining his intentions as to how he wanted his organ set up to work and sound - so that now I almost understand what it was I had been setting up!"
- Alan "Granny" Grange (VdGG road crew)

"I wanted you to know that I got the Van Der Graaf book and that I have been reading it very intently. The research is great - there is much here that I didn't know - and your passion for the band comes through loud and clear. It's actually an honor to be quoted in the epilogue. It has sent me back to my Van Der Graaf and Peter solo albums pretty much every night for the last couple of weeks. Esp. 'Pawn Hearts'. Congratulations on a job very well done and done with love." - David Fricke (Editor of Rolling Stone magazine)

"It's quite a tome. I loved it. It brought back so many memories. And The Book did bring it home to me how unique Van der Graaf were."
- Pete Donovan (VdGG road crew)

A history of the band Van der Graaf Generator 1967 to 1978

The inside story of the band is revealed for the first time. The book includes up-to-date commentary from all surviving past and present members, input from over sixty others (including celebrity admirers, associates, former employees, friends, and family members), and is illustrated with over 300 photographs and images (many previously unpublished). Van der Graaf Generator - The Book delves into the intense but humorous, bizarre and often difficult inner-workings of an uncompromising rock group.

The Book has taken two years to complete and can now be purchased online via this website. It contains 327 pages, in hardback cover with dust jacket ("the bright dust jacket of public acclaim"), and in full colour (where appropriate). The Book contains many photographs, in colour and monochrome, that include some stunning black and white images taken by famous rock photographer Barrie Wentzell. Barrie took many pictures for the music paper Melody Maker in the 70s. The front cover artwork was specially commissioned from Koot, a Van der Graaf fan and acclaimed artist who has undertaken many projects for the music industry. These have included album covers for The Almighty, The Exploited, Saxon, Girlschool and Goat. The front cover has been produced as a 50cm by 70cm (20" by 28") poster, which can also be purchased online.

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